Conference aimed at facilitating and connecting philanthropic investment, to local social and creative entrepreneurs and initiatives, the municipality of Rotterdam, and broader politics.

The program, spanning four days, consisted of network events, workshops, keynotes, company tours, parties, and other related activities.


The project was a collaborative effort between GetMe (creative agency), Vuurrood (design agency), the municipality of Rotterdam, Nexus Global, and me (art-direction). I was asked to provide advice and guidelines regarding the programming and styling of the event, and to see to it that all participants and efforts were pointing in the same direction.

The underlying design task existed mainly out of catering to all participants, without leaving anyone out / alienating. To appeal to the social and creative, while being accepted by the investor, municipality and politician.
An emphasis was given to the social and creative. It was presumed, and based on previous experience (GetMe), that they were more susceptible to, and critical of, programming and styling not being in line, or being overly in line, with their underlying assumptions. This was especially critical since some of the programming could, in some ways, be seen as contradictory: Investing in, and attending to social initiatives with topics such as poverty, and private boat dinners on the other hand. Something that needed attention; planning, programming, and styling wise.
In short it meant; toning down, making events accessible to everyone, and convenient planning. Not over styling, not too expressive or deviant nor to stiff. To create something to be perceived as credible and functional, by all parties.

Peter Kalkman

Thematic sphere